AH552 - How to disable UEFI for Dual boot

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AH552 - How to disable UEFI for Dual boot

Postby Kloster » Wed Sep 18, 2013 17:31

How do I turn my AH552 BIOS into a "Normal" legacy BIOS function, without any UEFI and signatures?

I need to install Ubuntu Linux as a Dual Boot option besides my existing Windows 7 installation, but it will not work.
Checking the AH552 BIOS, I found the following:

Code: Select all


Secure Boot: Disabled
Protected Signatures: Enabled (User Mode) <------------------- Greyed out - Can't change this into Disabled
Customized Signatures: Disabled (Standard)

Secure Boot Option: Disabled

Change to Customized Signatures: [Enter] <------------------- What is this?
Reset to Manufacturing Default: [Enter]

Alternatively, is there any non-UEFI BIOS for AH552 to download and install?

Please help...

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Re: AH552 - How to disable UEFI for Dual boot

Postby sabrex » Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:17

use the following settings
- Security - Set supervisory password
- Security – Secure Boot Configuration – Secure Boot Option : [Disabled]
- Advanced – Boot Configurations – Fast Boot : [Disabled]
- Advanced – Boot Configurations – CSM : [Enabled]

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