[Lifebook U772] SSD as a caching drive in Windows 10

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[Lifebook U772] SSD as a caching drive in Windows 10

Postby Yury » Mon May 21, 2018 11:56


I purchased my U772 back in 2014 with Windows 8. If I recall correctly, it had ExpressCache software enabled to speed things up. Two years later I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, and, as you can imagine, ExpressCache stopped working. And I haven't been able to relaunch it since. Now Windows 10 takes 1-2 minutes to wake up from the hibernation state. I don't necessarily need the ExpressCache - Intel RST (which seems easier to configure) will do, too. But I can't make it work either. Are there any widely known issues with these? Or I can just describe the issues I have with both...

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