Drivers with No Internet

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Drivers with No Internet

Postby dannymo87 » Sun Jun 23, 2013 18:25

Hi All,

I have had to re-install windows on my laptop. It is a Esprimo Mobile M9410. The Internet port does not work so I am only able to get on the internet by using Wi-Fi

Since i have re-installed windows I can not get on the wi-fi as i do not have the drivers installed. Is there someway to get the drivers and put them on a USB stick or a disk? I cant seem to find them on the website and dont really know where else to look

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Re: Drivers with No Internet

Postby myxal » Wed Jun 26, 2013 20:02

Do you know what brand of WLAN card you have? You can get Intel driver from their website, atheros and broadcom are troublesome to the point i prefer to just get wired LAN working, and let Windows update fetch the driver. I think M9x10 had also wired ethernet from Intel, so just head over to their site and get the drivers. If the wired LAN card is the Marvell Yukon, get the drivers here: ... E%20Series

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