Esprimo Mobile v6505 BIOS & SLP2.1

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Esprimo Mobile v6505 BIOS & SLP2.1

Postby bburlacu » Mon Oct 10, 2011 16:06

Hello everyone,

Last week I installed Windows 7 professional on my v6505 laptop. This windows must be activated with a Volume license product key from a qualified operating system (KMS host).

So, the problem: apparently I couldn't activate this Windows because the BIOS did not support SLP2.1 (details about SLP on wikipedia). Therefore the next step was to download the most recent BIOS update from the Fujitsu website (here is the link).

It is clearly mentioned in the README that this BIOS version (1.22) adds SLP2.1 support for Windows 7.

So I flashed the bios, however, I don't think that SLP2.1 support was added, as I still can't activate my operating system. Has anyone been successful in activating Windows 7 on the v6505?

I am not sure what to do...
- reinstall windows and hope it will detect the SLP2.1 information from the new BIOS?
- try another BIOS (which one?)

I hope someone can give me an answer.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Esprimo Mobile v6505 BIOS & SLP2.1

Postby Caretaker » Thu Oct 13, 2011 15:03


this doesn't mean that the SLP 2.1 string will be flashed into your BIOS. But it means that at least the BIOS version 1.22 will be needed that flashing the SLP 2.1 string might be possible.

There is no BIOS with a included 2.1 string because that would mean that you would receive a Windows 7 licence without paying for it. I gues you purchased your device with a Windows XP or Vista licence. If the BIOS would include the SLP 2.1 you would receive the W7 key as a present. But that is not possible.

So you can only install or use the Windows 7 if you also have a valid Windows 7 key.

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