[U9200] Recharge problem

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[U9200] Recharge problem

Postby Asna » Sat Aug 06, 2011 13:20

Hello! I have a u9200 and i got a big problem whit the recharge rate .
What i get is 0.6-0.8w per hour to my battery's.
And after a few hours it stops filling up my battery but stills gets power to stay on.
This started a few months ago and i have tried to do my best whit the situation.
First i thought it was the battery so i bought a new one and got the same thing.
Secondly i thought it was the charger so i bought a universal charger but it still remained the same.

So i think the problem is internely and i am asking here for help.

What the power statics say in linux mint 11 is
Rate 0.6w
Voltage. between 11.6 to 12.4v when recharging with original recharger

Charge accuracy is around 20%

*Edit. Connector was worn out

So if anyone can link to a guide or help me in anyway possible i would appreciate it very much.

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Re: [U9200] Recharge problem

Postby myxal » Sat Aug 06, 2011 22:36

What are you using to measure the charging rate (some Gnome applet, I assume)?
The charging rate decreases significantly as the battery approaches full charge, that's normal. If you're seeing this low rate with less-charged battery, say at 50% (and a new battery at that), that may be a cause for concern.
I suggest you check the kernel's stats directly. Run the battery down to 50% (1-1,5 hours), connect the charger, then issue

Code: Select all

 cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state

and report the output here. I recall getting a charging current of welll over 2000mA when the battery is that low.
Also, can your laptop run without battery? If it can and you actually have low charging current, the connector is OK, but the onboard electronics responsible for charging might be damaged. Not much I can help with there, I'm afraid. :(

EDIT: Oh, one more thing - does the battery get hot at any point? They normally do when you run them down below 15% (which is why it's strongly recommended against doing so), but charging or discharging the battery above, say 30% should not not heat up the battery AT ALL.

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