V5535-12 start-up problems

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V5535-12 start-up problems

Postby Miki01 » Thu May 26, 2011 21:39

Hello everybody,
I have start-up problems with my Esprimo Mobile V5535-12. Booting from a CD with a diagnostic tool downloaded from Fujitsu website I get DIFS Code: 75WK-YAMZ-00SEW , Serial No’ YKDA680142
What is the meaning of this code?
Few weeks ago suddenly appeared start-up problems. Running HDD check progs + surface scan indicated a HDD failure and a few corrupted sectors. So I replaced the HDD to a brand new one 320 GB and tried to install Vista + drivers from the original CD’s.
But the start-up problems persist, although I tried to reinstall the system several times. Sometimes it does start and gets to a Vista desctop, but it doesn’t work clean, sometimes slow and comes up with errors or hangs, falls into disc checks at start-ups, find corrupted files (but never bad sectors), cleaning them, runs the yellow bars at start-up a lot of time and so on.
I run several HDD and memory tests and all indicate a perfectly good HDD and memory.
Can anybody advice please, what can be the problem?
My BIOS version is: V1.08-VB37410A-V66 from 08/15/2008

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Re: V5535-12 start-up problems

Postby sabrex » Tue May 31, 2011 16:38

code is a hdd failure.
You try another hdd and have install problems - try another hard disk. If 3rd one have problems then it may be more serious mainboard controller related

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