[v6545] motherboard issues - what to do?

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[v6545] motherboard issues - what to do?

Postby mika_d » Sun Mar 13, 2011 18:47


I suspect my v6545 has some motherboard problems.
It started with the inverter cable, which caused display issues. When I jiggled it and pushed it into the motherboard slot, it became alright; then followed wi-fi issues: "there are no networks to connect ", when indeed there were; and some jitters in the mouse, music and video and overall processing, meaning some CPU problem I would guess.
However, opening the case and not doing anything seem to do the trick and make everything work again.
problem is I've opened it 4 times already this past month, and it doesn't function as a laptop because I'm afraid to move it around.
Any suggestions?
should I change the motherboard? I'm convinced it is the motherboard, since I know the other components work fine as long as I jiggle them and push them into the sockets.
Thank you!

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Re: [v6545] motherboard issues - what to do?

Postby sabrex » Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:51

I tend to agree you have some motherboard thing going on, if the main assembly of the plastics is loose and all ok maybe something is catching on something or wrong length screw used when re-assembled.

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