My Call to Fujitsu UK Support today. wow.

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My Call to Fujitsu UK Support today. wow.

Postby durian22 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 0:20


esprimo mobile purached from cpc in the uk, in 06/2009.

xmas hard drive failure, nuke and boot, ubuntu, works for now.
windows 7 decided it didnt know where c: and d: began or ended apparently.

major cock up chaps.
enter serial number at fujitsu and i have no warranty, oh dear.

call fj today, omg what nice helpful people. absolutley easy, no stupid phone thing, straight through, explain my propblem, warranty issued within the hour from proof of purchase fax, easy. thanks.

hard drive crapped out? .. no problem sir, send it to us or we will send u a drive in the post, how's that sir?

wonderful, tthanks a lot, really, i mean it.

thanks fujitsu, u saved my ass today. and yes, of course i will return the crapped out drive in the packaging your sending the new drive in, by return, to the freepost address you sent me by email, along with my customer number. awesome.

i knew there was a good reason for buying a fujitsu machine, its not a fujitsu drive. (western digital) (yaahh boo sucks!)

I have chosen to buy a 250 gig fujitsu drive instead, dual boot W7 & Meercat 10.10 and keep the new 160 as a very handy spare.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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