blank screen ?

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blank screen ?

Postby ballyer » Fri May 14, 2010 9:10

good morning everybody
vista esprimo mobile V5535,it fell and the CMOS battery came loose,i put it back in (while wearing a wrist strap),turned it back on and got a blue screen with a bad checksum,didnt have time to read the rest before the laptop shut when i turn it on,all i get is a blank screen..ive tried it with the battery out,power lead out,held the on/off button..done the lot but no joy..
thanks in advance to anybody who can help me..

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Re: blank screen ?

Postby myxal » Sun May 30, 2010 23:52

Looks like a bad LCD connection or something else coming loose. (Did you try external monitor?) Take it apart (and reassemble) or have it serviced. If you get bluescreen on windows trying to boot, check the SATA compatibility setting in the Setup (or whatever it's called). If it fell when it was running, your HDD may have head-crashed, which also could have caused the bluescreen.

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