ESPRIMO Mobile V6535 error on standby&hibernate

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ESPRIMO Mobile V6535 error on standby&hibernate

Postby samira_fk222 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 13:55

please help me i couldn't use of standby and hibernate feature on my laptop

i purchused nearly ESPRIMO Mobile V6535 Glare Wlan 4 month ago,and when bought it installed on it windows vista
now i install on my laptop win7,and on the device driver write:support for: win xp professional and win vista business

after installed win 7 on my laptop the hibernate and standby doesn't work correctly and it need to be restart after go to stand by or hibernate
after run device driver all hardware such as Modem,NIC,Audio ,VGA,Graphics , correctly but the 3 error on windows update happen that cause standby couldn't work correctly :

KB937077:a high definition audio device may no longer work after resume windows vista from hobernation or from sleep

KB936825:availibility of windows vista secure digital(SD) roolup package
KB948278:after you resume a computer from standby a bus driver isnot loaded as expected and error code 38 is reported

i updated VGA,Bios from fujutsu support that is associated with windows 7 but i have the same problem

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Re: ESPRIMO Mobile V6535 error on standby&hibernate

Postby durian22 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 17:22

i had a problem with the esprimo not waking up, it turned out that avira anti virus was the problem. once uninstalled the laptop worked fine.

i also saw an error about the Hd audio device in my logs, i couldnt update the driver for it, but its fine now i have taken avira anti virus off.

i also updated the bios and the video card driver to try and solve the problem, none helped, only removing avira did the trick. I replaced it with AVG and all is well.
hope this helps

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