V5535,Blue screen, then driver problems for USB items

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V5535,Blue screen, then driver problems for USB items

Postby Alan53095 » Mon Jan 11, 2010 20:51

My computer (10 months old) has just now started to display the message "windows needs to install driver software for your flash reader" after it blue screened for the first time. It has never requested these drivers before and I am still using the same card reader as I have always. If I follow the instructions for driver finding "Microsoft WPD file system volume driver" it can not down load it and it says “access denied”, contact the manufacture of the device. I am also completely unable to access my MP3 player because of the same type of fault, the computer says again that it needs to install a driver, I then activate the auto search, it locates the driver and attempts to install it (MTP Device) but it can not and then it says “access denied”. I tried it in safe mode with networking enabled (just in case firewalls / virus protection was stopping it) and it sort of worked, well it downloaded and installed the drivers anyway. When I then restarted in normal mode, the same problems are still there. More information, after the blue screen event, the graphics changed to “Windows standard”, from “Windows Vista Basic”, I changed them back and it stayed like that until I did the “Safe Mode” with networking as described above, when it reverted back to “Windows Standard”
Any help would be gratefully received.

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