My Mobile M9400 shuts down for no (?) reason, why?

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My Mobile M9400 shuts down for no (?) reason, why?

Postby » Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:05

I have an Esprimo Mobile M9400 which suddenly shuts itself down up to 10 times during a normal workday. I have done everything I can to try to fix the problem. I have checked and double checked that I have the latest drivers for every component. I have reinstalled Vista. I have run every diagnostic test available. I have 2 AC Adapters, and the same problem occurs with both. I tought it might have something to do with RAM, since RAM operations in the Vista Index fell to 2,4 (!), but replaced the RAM chips with a new one, and didnt help. Also the fan is constantly running, and sounds like a vacuum cleaner, but the core temerature of the CPU is between 60-65 Celcius. Anyone who has the slightest idea of what can be going on with my system ?

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Re: My Mobile M9400 shuts down for no (?) reason, why?

Postby myxal » Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:03

What CPU model do you have? I have T5450 and it absolutely SHOULDN'T run all the time (definitely not loudly) unless something's utilizing your CPU to 100% (like a BOINC client app etc..). Look in the task manager.
If there's nothing utilizing your CPU chances are either your heatsink exhaust is blocked with too much dust/dirt (check if the hot air is actually coming out of the laptop) or the heatsink is unseated and lost contact with the CPU - requires laptop disassembly = find someone who can do it or send it to fujitsu service.

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