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Product(s): ESPRIMO MOBILE V6555


Postby knvajpai » Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:26

[color=#00BF00][color=#008000]Dear Forum members:

I am stuck with, by purchasing Esprimo Mobile V6555 model from India, which shows that, it is made in Germany. I doubt. As it has a China made battery, the camera is not working, blue tooth is not working and there is a broken part it seems inside the laptop, which creats noise when one shakes the machine. The vendor for this in India are also doubtful and manufacturing is also under scanner.

Please suggest:

1. Should I file a case against the vendor for giving a defected version
2. Will there be a replacement of battery by Fujitsu which should ideally be from Germany.
3. How to verify the authenticity of laptop, as it's really made in Germany.


K N Vajpai
New Delhi

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