V Series: How to add Ram

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V Series: How to add Ram

Postby guillermoalberto » Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:51

As far as i'm seeing, nobody has had the need to remove the bottom lid of an esprimo mobile v6545. As i see, also, any V Series Esprimo Mobile has the same design, so i'm asking now: how can one remove the bottom lid of ANY V Series notebook in order to access system ram? I've already removed all the visible little "torx" screws, but the plastic lid refuses to go totally out. Should i also remove any other part (for example: over keyboard bezel, keyboard, a hidden screw. etc.) before attempting to remove the bottom lid? Anyone at Fujitsu could help me? I would appreciate so much! It shouldn't be that difficult to add some ram to a notebook, should it? Thanks in advance.

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Re: V Series: How to add Ram

Postby myxal » Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:05

guillermoalberto wrote:... Anyone at Fujitsu could help me?...
This is a user forum. For support from Fujitsu people, contact their support. There should be no problem in telling a customer how to upgrade memory.

Now - I don't know about the design of V series, but past experience tells me the screws needed to replace/upgrade RAM should have a symbol of a memory module next to them. Do you see anything like that on the bottom of your notebook? If you're sure the memory slots are under the bottom lid, see if it's held by latches or more screws. It's possible there's an extra screw holding it under the keyboard or thereabouts.

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