Windows 7 WITH Extended dektop - Esprimo V5515

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Windows 7 WITH Extended dektop - Esprimo V5515

Postby amirimon » Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:57

after a long search, I found the microsoft update catalog site:
just search "Mirage" in the search box, and the proper Win7 drivers will appear.
I downloaded the latest driver, and it works with Extended desktop. ( Start button+p key combination )\

But, the 3D support of this drivers suck!

simple games like counter strike and Nba LIVE that worked great on the XP system, do not work well at all !

What do you think is the problem ?

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Re: Windows 7 WITH Extended dektop - Esprimo V5515

Postby qwak » Wed Sep 02, 2009 14:30

I don't even know how you run those games on XP. The problem is only one, the computer is not powerful enough and when running XP it is still fast but with Vista or W7 it just has no power. W7 sucks all the memory and energy of these poor cheap esprimos. The Mirage card is very cheap and bad, one of the worst in the market, plus the CPU is just not good enough either. I just ignore W7, it's nevergoing to run well no matters what you do.

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