Windows 7 Info for - V5*** - Sis Press Release

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Windows 7 Info for - V5*** - Sis Press Release

Postby amirimon » Wed Aug 12, 2009 13:05

"SiS672 Family Chipsets are Certified for Windows 7 VGA Logo

Taipei, Aug 12th, 2009 – SiS today announced that its SiS672 chipset family -- SiS672, SiSM672 and SiSM672FX, is now certified by Microsoft Windows 7 VGA Logo. These chipsets are integrated with SiS MirageTM 3+ graphics engine to deliver ultimate image quality. In addition, the SiS968 chipset is also successfully validated by Microsoft WHQL lab. Including the High definition Audio, SATA2/IDE, USB2.0 and Gb Ethernet drivers are all built into the Windows 7 operating system.

SiS developed three different chipset models for Windows 7 VGA Logo. SiS672 chipset is designed for Desktop and NetTop PCs while the SiSM672 and SiSM672FX chipsets is for Notebook PCs. By passing the Microsoft Windows 7 Logo, SiS chipsets not only ensure compatibility, reliability and security for internet browsing, emailing, instant messaging and on-line communication, but also support of comprehensive digital home media center including exclusive music, TV shows, movies, videos, photos as well as games. Users are able to connect with other devices like Microsoft Xbox 360 to enjoy enhanced Media Center experience on Windows 7.

The advanced MirageTM 3+ graphics engine enables the SiSM672FX, SiSM672 and SiS672 PC chipsets to deliver superior graphic performances with Windows 7. With supporting of SiS Real Video Technology, that perform the excellent video playback quality which deliver the high definition video contents from digital entertainment devices, such as TV, VCD, and DVD which can be presented perfectly and thoroughly under Windows 7 Edition. The SiS672 and SiSM672/M672FX PC chipsets support Intel® Core™2 Duo and Intel® Atom series Microprocessors. Also, SiS672/SiSM672 with FSB frequency 800MHz and SiSM672FX with FSB frequency 1066MHz are designed to fit customers’ needs. Both chipsets support mainstream DDR2 memory technology. With the advance power management technology performs the power savings up to 40%. The Southbridge - SiS968 adopted SiS MuTIOL® 1G high throughput technology to deliver 1GB/s data bandwidth, supports PCI Express x1 interface, and also provides 2 Serial ATA2 high-speed ports for HDD and SSD devices to accelerate the data transmission speed. Its Gigabit Ethernet functions of high-speed internet access for seamless web browsing. With high definition audio controller, help the PCs to show the truly high quality sound effect.

Windows 7 operating system shifts a simple PC into a digital home entertainment device. All SiS672 series chipsets fully support the Windows 7 operating system that enriches users' experiences in digital home entertainment on computers. SiS will continue to supply SiS672/M672/M672FX to meet customers’ demands to Year 2011.

**SiS672 / SiSM672 / SiSM672FX chipsets"

Now where is the drivers I ask ?

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Re: Windows 7 Info for - V5*** - Sis Press Release

Postby birke » Wed Aug 12, 2009 22:02

Good question :)

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