[V5535] USB mouse problem

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[V5535] USB mouse problem

Postby rockson » Sat Mar 07, 2009 16:50

I had a USB mouse on this notebook, which is broken. I bougt a new one and when it is recognized by the System (Win XP) it works for 2-10 seconds and than it stops - the mouse is still getting the power, but it does not move on the screen. I had tried to connect the mouse to all three USB ports, but it always the same story.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?


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Re: [V5535] USB mouse problem

Postby MEX » Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:52

Have you tried this USB-mouse on another computer, notebook or PS3 which supports USB-mice ?

What modell and manufakturer is this mouse from ?


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Re: [V5535] USB mouse problem

Postby uk13 » Mon Dec 28, 2009 21:48

i also have the same problem but not just with the mouse ... none of my usb ports recognise the mouse and it works on my other laptop ... in fact my usb ports dont recognise anything at all from mice to memory sticks and it used to recognise them .... my laptop is esprimo and is running windows 7 and the usb ports are enabled in the bios ... was wondering apart from the bios can they be turned off anywhere else ???

any help appreciated

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