[5535] wireless capability

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[5535] wireless capability

Postby clumsy » Wed Oct 08, 2008 15:44

Can someone please tell how to switch on wireless capability on my esprimo v5535 is there a function key code? Helppppp

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Re: [5535] wireless capability

Postby atarian » Wed Oct 08, 2008 16:26


there is no switch as such, yours probably uses the atheros which i dont get on with.

there is a setting in bios that may be dissabled.

if your using vista then open control panel\network and sharing centre\ left hand column manage wireless networks

then adaptor properties make sure it isnt disabled.

now from good old xp
control panel\network and make sure nothing is disabled

now who said pista was suppose to save time and be user friendly!!!

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Re: [5535] wireless capability

Postby faraz_k86 » Thu Oct 09, 2008 14:32

if it is not disabled from bios, then "Fn Key + F1" will turn on your wireless

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Re: [5535] wireless capability

Postby vash183 » Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:40

If don't work upgrade the bios.

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