[D9500] German Quality?

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[D9500] German Quality?

Postby ymonz » Tue May 06, 2008 20:31

I bought 4 weeks ago the Esprimo D 9500-02GB Core Duo T7700
Am so dissapointed, the sound is crap, the volume is very low, my mobile is 10 times louder and clear, the fan sounds like a grinder and is speeding up and down, very disturbing. I reported the sound problem to fusiemens, I reinstalled the whole system, (with all the hazzle involved) but it is still the same problems, by the way the reinstalling dvd did not have the same features like the pre installed software, so the hazzle is still going on. No pre installed Nero Software, No pre installed Norton. Customer Service doesnt' believe and does not support appropriate.
Are there more customers having the same experience and complaints? Do we deserve to pay £800 quit to get crap?
I really would appreciate if there is somebody who could help me, otherwise it is a case for "which?"
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Re: German Quality?

Postby pecko88 » Tue May 06, 2008 23:14

It apers that the whole Esprimo Mobile series has this problem with low sound and nobody has found any solution.
About the installation of Nero and NIS, you should be suplied with a dvd called Drivers and Utilities, which has the NIS and Nero on it.
And finaly about the sound of the fan...By reading what you have wrote I'm realy suprised...
Everybody has reported that the sound of the fans is very low and it turns on from time to time only when it is needed, with deferent speeds of course.
Ask the seller that has sold you tha laptop for refond if posible...if not ask them to change your mobo with new one that sounds normal...not like a CHAINSOW
Edit: Like a GRINDER...:(

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