0200 : Failure Fixed Disk 0

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0200 : Failure Fixed Disk 0

Postby bigberty » Thu Feb 19, 2009 22:49

Someone I know bought a esprimo mobile v5535 a couple of months ago, but has only used it a couple of times.
The other day they tried to turn it on, but got an error message 0200 : Failure Fixed Disk 0.
It mentioned to press f1 to resume, otherwise go to f2. F1 only left a blank screen so turned off and went to f2. When I went round their house I went to f2 and opened the pheonixbios setup utility. In the utility i saw Hard Disk Drive [0MB]. Is that right?

How can i make it work properly again and what is the fault?
I guess by now you realise Im a novice, so any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: 0200 : Failure Fixed Disk 0

Postby aly369 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:12

I think its a hard drive failure

its very common for a hard drive to fail does he any important documents on there because if he does he might need to get a usb 2.5 hard drive case.

Is the laptop under a year old? if so i would ring the help line

Telephone: +44 8702 434397 (English)

Local Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 17:30
Saturday/Sunday closed

the helpline is located in the uk if live somewere else then look at

http://support.fujitsu-siemens.com/com/ ... pdesk.html


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