Can't Go to Bios Setup With Delete/F2

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Can't Go to Bios Setup With Delete/F2

Postby parham » Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:52


I am using Amilo Pro V3405. I have recently installed Ubuntu 10.04. I also have Windows 7 installed. While I was using Ubuntu, my operating system crashed and I hard-restarted the computer. From then on, I can not boot into Linux, into none of the kernels I have, but Windows repaired itself and now boots fine. When I turn on the computer, with or without a bootable CD (Linux live CD, Windows 7 DVD, etc) in the drive, the drive starts to spin and then I get a message asking me for a password. After I enter the password I have entered everywhere and on all my accounts (so I can't tell you whether this is a Linux password, Grub password or what), the Grub menu comes up. I have tried holding down the delete key or F2 key to enter the Bios setup and set it to boot from the DVD drive first, but still the password prompt comes up, and when I enter the password, the Grub menu is displayed.

I have asked on, and I have been told that the best bet is to reset the BIOS. I have contacted the shop I bought the laptop from, and they say they do not understand the manual instructions for resetting BIOS. Any way I can do this on my own, or teach them how to do it? :-)


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