[V7010] - Throw in the bin?

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[V7010] - Throw in the bin?

Postby KasinoKing » Tue Aug 03, 2010 15:49

When I bought my Amilo in 2005 it was the bee's knees - should it's life be over already? :(

Like all computers, it just got slower and slower and slooooooower.
I can't understand this - same PC, same software - why does it slow down?

It now takes about 15 minutes to boot up, and up to 5 minutes to switch between windows! (Windows XP home).
I'm a computer dummy - but it looks like a graphics-related problem to me.

In April I tried re-installing Windows, which I was told would remove all unwanted crap from the hard drive & speed it up - but it didn't seem to make any difference.

It's now all but useless - is there ANYTHING I can do to bring it back to the speed it was when new - or is it really just bin-fodder? :x


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