v2045 3 beeps & black screen!

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v2045 3 beeps & black screen!

Postby invader7 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 14:59

Hello all, i have amilo pro v2045 and recently i had a problem and till then i found no solution.... I changed my 2 ram and after some time i had some problems,while i was working the screen turned black and i had no control! the only solution was to turn off power... after that i tried to open my notebook again and the screen stayed black and i heard 3 beeps one after another and it was continious and i didn't know when it would boot again. i put out my 2 ram and "blew" the whole notebook with a tool and re-add my ram but after one day i had the same problem.... the situation became worse, now my notebook doesn't boot no matter what i do... it has 3 days to boot up. the same problem black screen and 3 beeps! i tried to put back my old ram and the problem still exists. 3 beeps i read somewhere that something is going wrong with my graphics card... can anyone help me ?

edit: i found now, that my fan doesn't work.... my hdd,cd-rom,leds works but my fan and my screen doesn't

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