[V3505] Keyboard problems

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[V3505] Keyboard problems

Postby wilczo » Mon Mar 02, 2009 0:50

Hi all,

I have a problem with my v3505 keyboard. When I try to switch between applications in Win XP Home by using Alt+Tab, the "switching window" disappears immediately without switching to the other application. Moreover, when I press Ctrl or Alt, the key often "gets stucked" - I mean, Windows acts like Ctrl or Alt key is being pressed... Do you have any suggestions on how to solve it? Thanks a lot.


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Re: [V3505] Keyboard problems

Postby DaddyO » Tue Jul 14, 2009 22:03

I am having a similar problem...... the '5' key keeps responding - regardless of being pressed - especially if any of the surrounding keys are pressed...

Always interferes with boot as well - any ideas? - Makes password entry a bit of a nightmare

(I have already lifted the key and cleaned the area - to rule out sticky key problem - still no better...)

Or is the keyboard on its last legs - how easy is this to replace?

Any advice as to what I can check next?

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Re: [V3505] Keyboard problems

Postby gsebs » Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:35

Sticky keys would be you problem you can adjust this in control panel/accessibility

Second problem Keyboard is easy to replace, you may just need to reset the key board there are 2 way either uninstall via control panel and reboot

or slightly more work take the keyboard out and put it back in. To do this you need a flat screwdriver and a pozi screwdriver. take the flat and place it just above the F4 and lever out the top panel then onto the F8 the keys will take the strain encourage it out then there is one screw to take out then remove the ribbon, you will need to undo the clamp then put it all back together. you can find good instruction by seraching.

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[V3505] Keyboard problems

Postby th3b3holder » Mon Jul 05, 2010 14:39

I think my problem is also keyboard related (first I thought it was because of malware). It's like if a few keyboards were constantly pushed on and stucked and the keys involved vary ( characters, Ctrl, Windows key etc.) I still run XP and sometimes key combinations get activated and than for example the notepad or firefox gets started or the sound gets muted spontaneously. If it gets nasty I can't type anything and also with having different applications start every minute I have to reboot :(
I have tried to run Ubuntu and it makes almost the same stunts.
So I took out the keyboard panel, pulled the ribbon out and plugged it back in and it solved the problem... for a while.
Now it's crapy again and I'm not sure if replacing the keyboard part with a new one would fix the issue.

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