Replacing power plug on Amilo Pro v8010, + and - ?

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Replacing power plug on Amilo Pro v8010, + and - ?

Postby Frogfoot » Thu Jan 29, 2009 13:57


I'm changing the powerplug on my laptop(F-S Amilo Pro v8010), I know what's + and - on the connector but I forgot to measure the pins onn the circuitboard before I removed the old connector and it's now destroyed.

For some reason there're five holes in the circuit boaqrd that the old plug was soldered to.
I guess there's one + and one - and the other ones are ground. The holes are numbered 1 to 5 so with a board print it would be easy to figure it out.

This is the new connector I mounted
So I'm gonna use some short wires to connect it to the board.

What if the polarisation is wrong, will it destroy the card, I have an universal power supply where you can change polarity by rotate the adapter 180 degrees. If I'm fast un-plugging if the batt charge led won't light up? Maybe ther's a circuit/fuse taking care of it on the circuit board?

So, any schematics available for the main circuit board?

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Re: Replacing power plug on Amilo Pro v8010, + and - ?

Postby lolsa » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:44

If u connect minus to plus noing will hapend. BUT!!! Take out BOTH batteries or they may cause damage.
A tip, just take care of your laptop. :)

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