[m3438g] Screen/Laptop Problem

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[m3438g] Screen/Laptop Problem

Postby giftman » Thu Jan 01, 2009 16:37

Hi guys,

I have thw Amilo M3438g and have had it for nearly 2 years and is now starting to cause a few problems.
The help i need is that when i turn the computer on the screen goes all funny and pixerlated and freezes. The only way to fix it is by turning the power button on and off again and restarting. it can take betwwen 5 mins and 20mins before the problem starts agin. it cannot be the screen as its o.k when i restart. i have tried disabling the graphics card via the display settings but still this has not worked.

Does anyone think if i reinstall windows it may solve the problem.

Thank you all.

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Re: [m3438g] Screen/Laptop Problem

Postby kalvin928 » Thu Jun 11, 2009 21:24

hi seems i have similar problem..... did you get to the bottom of the fault? thx

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Re: [m3438g] Screen/Laptop Problem

Postby gsebs » Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:54

a new inverter is needed to light up the screen they cost approx $40 they are located in the bottom of screen you can replace them yourself. do a search for that.

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