Amilo Pro V1000, Exceeding Ram Limit

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Amilo Pro V1000, Exceeding Ram Limit

Postby Jabu » Sun Dec 24, 2006 19:10

Hi guys, Ive an Amilo Pro V1000 with 2 x 256mb cards installed. All the specs list that this board is capable of only taking 1gig. What would happen if i insatted a 1 gig card on the external slot, while leaving the internal 256mb card in place. Will it just use the 1 card? If so will it use the internal or external slot? Anyone got any suggestions. I could play it safe and get a 512mb for the external but that would only give me a 256mb upgrade. What would you do?

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Postby kwaq » Mon Dec 25, 2006 0:03

There are two possibilities - one is that computer will find only 1GB and run more or less stable (expect BSOD), and second - more probably - it won't run at all.
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