Amilo Pi 3660-F2 / F6...........Drive me crazy

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Amilo PI3660-F6

Amilo Pi 3660-F2 / F6...........Drive me crazy

Postby ioangiogr » Mon Jun 21, 2010 13:59

Hear what I have suffered and tell me.
Even bought a laptop Fujitsu Amilo Pi3660 F2 18,4''by well-known chain with two years replacement warranty. After I did the installation and loading of programs I standing for three days off.
When I opened my he took his message ERROR 0271 check date and time settings - Warning 0251 System cmos checksum bad - default configuration.
I assumed the battery had problems Backup and returned to the company since it was hardware problem.
Without a second word (and bravo to) replaced it with a newer model F6.
In a few days it again, exactly the same problem.
And again, the same procedure, return, replacement with the same model.
And what strange? And the third with the same problem.
Do you have any opinion because it can be happening?
But I got lost confidence in the products you want without.
Detects that the design program I use is incompatible with ATIcard and I are almost impossible to find something similar in price and specifications enabling each passing day to lose customers and money.
Thanks for any reply you

George Ioannidis
e-mail -

1) SN-YL2D009426 - F2
2) SN-YL2D014778 - F6
3) SN-YL2D014137 - F6

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