[Li2727] CPU Socket question

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[Li2727] CPU Socket question

Postby Casmo » Tue May 12, 2009 9:07


Can anyone tell me by this what socket I have, and what kind of CPU?

Because it says 775 pins, I thought it might be socket 775, but below it says socket 479, and I don't know if its M or P or whatsoever, can anyone help please? =D

[Edit]Can I upgrade this CPU myself, or not? Because people say that the CPU is integrated, and therefor I can't change it myself. [/Edit]

Thanks in advance ^^



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Re: [Li2727] CPU Socket question

Postby pascalxpprof55 » Fri Jun 12, 2009 17:55

your proc. is a socket 479mPga

if you have a intel Gl960 chipset like my Amilo Notebook

you cant upgrade because this chipset only supports Intel Celeron.

if you have another chipset (Gm965) you can if you have a 479 proc

check it with Everest and Google > "Mobile Intel® ***** Express Chipset"

you can see on the intel website if your chipset supports your proc.

Gr Pascal

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