[Scaleo 800S] Motherboard drivers?

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[Scaleo 800S] Motherboard drivers?

Postby euphoria » Thu Apr 03, 2008 19:49


After formatting my parents computer i've realised they "lost" all driver cd's.

Can't get ethernet controller (internet) and some other things to work without a motherboard driver...right?
So i went back home to download them from FS Site, but i cant find any. Theres only some modem drivers and some dutch handbook thingy available here.

Im using Windows XP
i think the motherboard is:

EDIT: motherboard is D1627

Please, can i get some help on this matter?

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Re: [Scaleo 800S] Motherboard drivers?

Postby bubblegum » Thu Apr 03, 2008 20:45

Hi, I have drivers disk for a Scaleo 600.
I have explored it, & it has documentation for a D1627 motherboard. There are several folders with drivers on. I can either send you the folders with the drivers on. 310MB. so you will need to install them manually or if you send me a self stamped addressed envelope I'll make a copy of the DVD for a small charge.

I offer no guarantees this will work with your pc.

PM with your e-mail address if you are interested.

Use anti virus, backup your data, use google.

A Thank You would be nice if I have helped.

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