J550 Kaby Lake upgrade possible?

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J550 Kaby Lake upgrade possible?

Postby Thehillchild » Tue Mar 13, 2018 21:28


I have a J550 gen1 LGA 1151 workstation with a Skylake processor. latest bios and C230 chipset.

Is it possible to upgrade to a Kaby Lake CPU?

specifically looking at a 7700T

any other info I should take on-board?


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Re: J550 Kaby Lake upgrade possible?

Postby Diplodocus » Thu May 10, 2018 10:21

Hi Thechillchild,

I would say in theory that this is possible as the processors use the same socket.

The latest BIOS for the J550 included CPU microcode updates for Skylake:

BIOS - Change V5.0.0.11 R1.25.0 for D3427-A1x
- Microcode updates added (Skylake R0/S0).

I would give it a try and see what happens!
Diplodocus :D

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