Help - counsel needed for a Celsius R650

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Help - counsel needed for a Celsius R650

Postby mazzinia » Mon Jul 07, 2014 13:39


long story short, a quadro fx3700 went bad causing cmos corruption, and now I'm looking for a "new" videocard.
Since the R650 has cards that is not liking ( while trying to pinpoint the issue / part broken, I added a working ati x800 graphic card.. and it left the R650 in the same condition as with the faulty fx3700. By luck a lot later I borrowed a nvidia 7900, and that worked... pointing the fault to the fx3700), I wonder if someone here has done upgrades or has a list of cards that should work ( or that are likely to be avoided ).

I know that any old quadro in the 2009 brochure of the R650 works ( so up to fx5800 ), and even if not written I assume that a fx3800 works too (a confirmation would be appreciated).. since uses the same gpu as the 4800 and 5800.
I'm also assuming that the "old" nvidia equivalents all work ( so 7x00, 8x00, up to maybe gt 260 ?? ), but I've no idea what of more modern works. (doesn't have to be a quadro).

Bottom line,

can anyone share some wisdom ?

Thanks in advance,


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