Celsius V830 upgrade

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Celsius V830 upgrade

Postby Vinc » Thu Mar 13, 2014 16:35

Hi all, i'm new at the forum, i'm from Italy and hope to find the answers i need.
Are you going to call me stupid if i say i'm a gamer? :D

I have a Celsius V830 workstation i upgraded. It works fine, but i wish to upgrade the 2 CPU too.
The configuration is:
MB : D1818 (Gigabyte) - original from Fujitsu
CPU : 2 x Opteron 280 Dual Core + 2 x heatsink cooler master
Memory: 8 GB ECC ( 4 x 2GB )
Video : Gigabyte GTX 650Ti ( Nvidia chip) 2 Gb

I was thinking to upgrade my CPU, but i was wondering wich AMD product fits on MB D1818.
The socket is 940, and i was wondering wich CPU, more powerfull of Opteron i had to choose.
And if exist a CPU more than the Opteron that fits that socket.
May i change mother board or i will find the upgrade?

Thanks in advace to all


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