Celsius r570-r2 graphix card low FPS

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Celsius r570-r2 graphix card low FPS

Postby Wim77 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 21:47

I hope that someone can help me

i have a Celsius r570-r2 and i replaced my quadro 2000 card for a asus gtx 770 2gig
now im playing wow and with my quadro card i get 60fps , now with the new card i dont get mutch higher
it is a mutch better card for gaming but the frames goes a little bit higher but not mutch

its about 80 fps but when there is a lot of things on my screen the fps goes to 8 ,10 fps
this card needs to do mutch better

i cant find anything in the bios to change ,

does someone have a idea where i have to look , maybe a setting wrong ?

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