Problem: R650 mainboard D2568-A11

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Problem: R650 mainboard D2568-A11

Postby arvydazas » Tue Aug 14, 2012 19:40


I have problems to boot...
Few days ago, i recieved mainboard D2568-A11 with Xeon X5260 processor and power supply in my workshop.
I connected powersupply, installed few sticks of ECC FB ram, graphic adapter, keyboard, "power on" switch (12-13 pin on front panel connector) and started this rig. P.S. All parts was connected on table without case.
It was normal boot, Post messages on the screen... Then i hit F2 to reach BIOS setup, and got message "Enter password"...
So, i decided to clear Bios with jumper. Disconnected power cable, closed pin 2 and 3 (CMOS swicth), waited 5 minutes, put jumper back. Then started again, and saw Fujitsu-siemens logo on blue background and nothing else. Keyboard was also inactive. Maybe, something happened during clearing bios...
I decided to restore (update) Bios with new version from Fudjitsu website. Downloaded, writed image to floppy, connected floppy drive to mainboard, closed RCV jumper and started again. Bios recovery was finished (a lot of beeps during programming, fast beeps at the end). Opened RCV jumper and started again.
Now, i see Fujitsu logo on black background, no beeps, keyboard is inactive... Only NumLock light is on.
How can i disable this Fujitsu logo to see post messages on the screen? Keyboard is inactive, i can't enter bios setup...
What i did wrong?

P.S Sorry for my terrible english...


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Re: Problem: R650 mainboard D2568-A11

Postby naeq » Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:48

I have the same problem with mine workstation! Any solutions?

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