Esprimo E5720 BIOS update problem

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Esprimo E5720 BIOS update problem

Postby tarmiricmi » Thu Feb 01, 2018 16:45

I have an Esprimo E5720 with Core2Duo E4600 CPU. Since I intend to keep this PC functioning I've upgraded the CPU to Core2Duo E8500.

When I boot the system up it recognizes new CPU, but states that the CPU microcode needs to be updated. System continues to boot and loads Windows and everything is OK, except that the CPU fan is constantly running at full speed which generates too much noise.

I'm using Windows XP SP3 on that PC. I've tried to use Fujitsu DeskUpdate. The program finds BIOS update and when I try to install it, DeskUpdate chrashes with some error displayed.

So, how I can overcome this problem and update BIOS in order to solve problem with fan working 100% with new CPU (when I put back old CPU, it runs normal). I can document these claims with printscreen pictures.

Thanks in advance.

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