Drive covers for a ESPRIMO D556/2/E85+

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Drive covers for a ESPRIMO D556/2/E85+

Postby mcclick » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:42

I've just bought an ESPRIMO D556/2/E85+ (this one) and I'm intending on putting a hot swap caddy in the accessible 3.5" bay (this one)

No problem with that in itself, but the thing I can't seem to find anywhere is a replacement drive cover with the additional slot for it. I.e. type 3 on the Changing the drive cover page (p39) of the manual ... df#page=43

Anyone know where I could get one, please? I'm in the UK.

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Re: Drive covers for a ESPRIMO D556/2/E85+

Postby Diplodocus » Thu May 10, 2018 10:48

Hi mcclick,

The best place to get one of these would be via Procurri EAF
They provide spares for this type of thing.

Although, looking at what you want to fit I don't think Fujitsu will be able to provide a drive cover that matches what you intend to install.
Diplodocus :D

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