FIber CAT SX60 and disk fail


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FIber CAT SX60 and disk fail

Postby marco792005 » Mon May 13, 2013 12:24

I need ask a help becouse i don't undestrand how do a re-build in my storage sx60.

I explain the scenario:
I have a raid 5 disk group with one disk of 750 gb fail.
Today is arrive a new disck but with capacity 1TB ( and not 750GB).
Now i put the disk in the stroage and i remove the fail disk.
I see 1 disk green (new disk).
Now how can do a rebuild of disk inside my RAID 5?

In the menu i see only option for "spare" disk (add spere, remove, spare ecc).

Can you help me?

THanks and sorry for my english


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Re: FIber CAT SX60 and disk fail

Postby war49 » Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:43

Rebuild, you can go to raid manager on your server. Open browser and type url https://localhost:3173. In raid manager, right click on new disk that already you attach -> select Rebuild.

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Re: FIber CAT SX60 and disk fail

Postby me@work » Mon Jun 17, 2013 13:15

Although I hate to reply to English postings in the German part of the forum, I cannot leave war49's purely wrong statements uncommented.

You will (most probably) never get an SX60 managed by ServerView RAID (port 3173 on localhost). And of course not with the steps described.

An SX60 has its own Web Interface (as the original poster already discovered).
According to the SX60 Administrator's Guide (, select Storage, then Manuals, navigate through the models Storage->FibreCAT->FibreCAT SXxx-> FibreCAT SX60), pg. 66, chapter 4.2.3 titled Reconstructing a Virtual Disk; sorry, but no deep link seems available), a disk must be declared a HotSpare, and SX60's management will then initiate the rebuild process.

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