Primergy RX300S6 BIOS Firmware failed

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Primergy RX300S6 BIOS Firmware failed

Postby andylal » Mon Sep 24, 2018 14:19

I would appreciate your support related to following issue:

System Type: PRIMERGY RX300 S6
Chassis Type: RX300S6R3

Following installation of VMware-ESXi-5.5.update03-4722766-Fujitsu-v334-1 ISO image, during reboot cycle, BIOS firmware went corrupted

On iRMC S2 Web Server under Sensors -> Component Status, I got following alarm

47 BIOS System Firmware (BIOS/EFI) 0 No Failed No

Enabled BIOS Recovery Flash, under Server Management but the recovery expects a Floppy Disk with BIOS to be updated.


The recovery BIOS expects ONLY a Floppy image with BIOS firmware

There is no BIOS floppy image available to download for D2619-N BIOS from Support site.

Even if I download all BIOS files and try to make a floppy image for BIOS, the image size exceeds 1.44MB, (for 65KB) therefore is impossible to recover a corrupted D2619-N BIOS regardless if the functionality is said to be available.


Your feedback would be highly appreciated
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Re: Primergy RX300S6 BIOS Firmware failed

Postby me@work » Mon Sep 24, 2018 16:13

Sorry, I don't have a proven solution for you, but two tipps as options
- Remove the p6_* files from the floppy image, as these may be applied later as well
- Start with an older BIOS version, because at least the download of 1.09 appears to be about 100K smaller

Hope it helps, anyway...

Plus: There's an English language section available on this forum, too.

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