low speed copy in virtual mashine with virtual fc

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low speed copy in virtual mashine with virtual fc

Postby shmelfrol » Wed Jun 03, 2015 14:31

Good day. i`m sorry for my English and please help me. we have fujitsu bx900 s2 with brocade 5450, blades bx 924s4 with mc82fe adapter, storage - dx80s2. our problem is low speed copy in lun virtual mashine. lun was mapped by virtual fc san (npiv was enabled on default). in host the speed of copy is good 150-250 MB/sec. but on the switch we created fc zones by the ports - not by wwn - alliases created for ports. trafic isolated zones created liked basic zones. we have next zones:
zone1 port 1 - port 19 (for blade 1)
zone2 port 2 - port 19 (for blade 1)
zone3 port 3 - port 19 (for blade 1)
zone4 port 4 - port 20 (for blade 1)
zone5 port 5 - port 20 (for blade 1)
zone6 port 6 - port 20 (for blade 1)
ti zones like basic zones.
and me have 2 switches brocade. adapter mc82fe has 2 port - one for 1 switch? second for 2 switch.
the zones on the switch are identical.
19 and 20 ports are connected to the storage dx 80s2.
on the storage we created luns: 1- OS BLADE (os - server data center 2012 r2)
2 - vm storage (files of vm - xml, vhdx, etc)
3 lun vm (lun was connected by virtual fc to vm)
we have problem with 3 lun - low speed copy, but in the host (blade) the speed is good. in vm the speed is variosly 0-60-0-25-0-40 mb/sec . size of file 1 gb and more...
switch mode - native

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