primergy TX300 s7 disks

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primergy TX300 s7 disks

Postby sbapi » Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:33

I've already bought a server primergy TX300 s7, with 2 disks 300Gb SAS 2,5 in Raid 1 hot swap and there are 6 room from disk left. I know that's possibile to add other SAS 2.5 disks hotswap, but my question is that: it's possibile to add SATA 2,5 disks hotswap instead of SAS 2,5 disks.

I'd like to put togheter SAS and SATA disk . For example have 4 disks 2 SAS 300 Gb for the s.o and 2 SATA disk 1Tb both Raid1 for the data. I don't know if SATA can fit exacty and work well.

In the positive case, do you suggest me some SATA disks models. Thanks in advance.

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Re: primergy TX300 s7 disks

Postby me@work » Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:16

0) You posted to the wrong part of the forum. This is the German language part. There's an English language part available as well.

1) Most important question is: Where do you wish to connect the disks? Is there a pluggable RAID controller installed in the system? Which one?
2) With high probability, you'll be able to operate SAS and SATA disks together in one box, but not together in one RAID group. So the intended configuration (SAS disks for operating system, SATA disks for data in a separate RAID1 group) should be achievable. Of course, depending on the capabilities of the installed RAID controller.

As per the SATA disk suggestion: Every original from Fujitsu (or their certified partners), because these disks will come with the necessary drive cage.

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