Misaligned digitizer?

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Misaligned digitizer?

Postby A User » Mon Nov 25, 2013 18:04

It's often worse than this...
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My wife bought a M532 tablet a few months ago, and always had some troubles with the touch screen. I have enabled the "Show touches" option under "Developer Options" and it seems that the digitizer is misaligned: the touch print is ok in the center of the screen but as you move towards the edges, it becomes off by as much as 5mm. Also the touch screen is often very badly responsive (I have several other devices to compare). The result is very frustrating, for example when you try to tap on a menu, you often activate another. Has anyone else, had similar problems? Is something I could do to recalibrate or re-align the digitiser? Should I send the device for repairs ? (it is under full guarantee).

Thanks in advance.

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