LifeBook E8420 8GB RAM

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LifeBook E8420 8GB RAM

Postby jpassos » Sat Feb 02, 2013 17:16

Hi, i'm considering to do an upgrade to my laptop memory to 8GB.
In the datasheet one can read that the max memory is 4GB but in the memory notes says 8 GB - with future memory modules.

Also in various hardware sites i found 2x4GB upgrades to this specific model.
So my questions is : does anyone has this model with 8GB installed ? Or was some information regarding stability with 8GB ?
Thank you for you time

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Re: LifeBook E8420 8GB RAM

Postby TKL » Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:33


i don't have a E8420-Laptop but a X9525 with the same config-info ("8GB for future...").
I have make an upgrade to 8GB, my dealer:
My opinion: You can buy RAM-Modules from dealers they sell certificated RAM for your device.


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