Advice needed on total restoration.

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Advice needed on total restoration.

Postby mordekai » Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:10

OK, here's the story.
Had 5535 for about 3 years or so, always been good bit of kit for what I need.
Couple of weeks ago hard drive died an almighty death, and I cant even save any of the data from it. Thankfully the important docs were all backed up.

I am a complete novice at dealing with the underside of a computer. Like my driving, I'm OK at operating the vehicle but havent the first clue how it all works.
Have got a replacement SATA HD with equivalent specs...
(Here's the problem)
My back up discs are gone, Moved house last year, and they are probably in the cellar, the loft or landfill. I have the certificate of authenticity so assume I could borrow a copy of the OS and I assume that I could just stick the disc in and it will run, once I put the code in.
BUT... a friend of mine pointed out that all the devices will need drivers, and without an internet connection (because the driver wont be there) it wont automatically find them etc...
I have got a very old desk top with internet access, but it has no writer, so I cant burn anything I DL onto a disc.

Someone told me I might be able to DL the drivers onto a USB pen/flash drive and do it that way.

Which, after all that waffle brings me to my point...

Q. How do I do any of the above?
i.e. how do I find out what drivers I need? How do I DL them into a format that I can use via a USB? Will a CD/DVD ROM of Windows Vista install onto the machine if all the drivers are gone? If not HOW do I get my machine to work again?

Please help.

PC World have said they can "probably" sort it out, but it will no doubt be gone for ages over a job that probably takes an hour or two, (and a week to get round to doing), and cost over 50 quid...
Trying to avoid needless outlay...

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Re: Advice needed on total restoration.

Postby sabrex » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:07

No you cannot use the microsoft code underneath its an OEM code. you need the operating systems recovery disk. If you dont have one if its vista basic try calling local helpdesk to see if they can send you one. If no then order page: this will come with drivers dvd.
Drivers are pretty straight forward as you only need 1 driver.

on a working machine with internet access You download the LAN driver here :
in the serial input type 5535 -> press return
Choose Vista OS
Then download this:
LAN.jpg (13.57 KiB) Viewed 3666 times

Click open
Click Extract

Then extract all the files to a usb stick.
Put the usb stick in the Notebook then run Setup.exe contained on the usb stick.

Then go back to driver download but from the notebook this time:
Right hand side down to Deskupdate to install all the drivers.


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