V5535 - Hard Disk issues

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V5535 - Hard Disk issues

Postby Deckard72 » Thu Nov 18, 2010 15:37

I'm attempting to repair my brother's Esprimo Laptop. Basically the hard disk had packed up so I purchased a replacement hard drive.

I installed the new hard disk and this is where the trouble began. When I attempted to install an Operating System (Windows XP, 7). Setup won't not detect the disk. So I thought that Setup required SATA drivers. After checking out the Western Digital web page it said that drivers were not required.

After many attempts at installing the Windows it aventually found the disk and I was able to format the drive. Windows was installed and all was good. But I then found on reboots of the laptop it failed to boot, sometimes it would hang on a blank screen and other times it would state: Missing Operating System. Which is clearly not the case.

I should say at the this point that the BIOS does see the drive and I also updated it to the latest version. Anyway things got worse and the laptop continually hung or even after a shut down the laptop would do a chkdsk on reboot or not boot at all and with the Missing Operating System error.

So I bought a 100% compatible WD160Gb Hard disk for the Esprimo. However the same situation occured as above.

Anyway (probably what I should have done in the first place), I downloaded the diag tools from Fujitsu web page. the GUI tools did not return any errors but the DOS Diags did.

I got the follow DIFS Code: 75WK-YAVZ-68TRW - SERIAL # YKDA025627

Does anyone know what this error code means? I would ever so grateful as I'm about to lose the will to live :)

Thank you



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Re: V5535 - Hard Disk issues

Postby sabrex » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:02


ECS Symptom-Code: H3X Location: First hard disk Error description: Read Test failed

i find it hard to believe it could be hard drive considering what you have done already

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