[en] Issues with Esprimo V6555 and RAM available

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[en] Issues with Esprimo V6555 and RAM available

Postby jvs » Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:49

Hi everyone, i have some unresolved questions about Esprimo mobile and RAM memory.
The thing is all of our lastly ordered esprimo mobile V6555 report an upsetting memory atttribution (please have a look at the picture inside this post, more accurately how big the hardware dedicated memory is managed...)

My customers complain their amilo doesn't suit their needs (they use virtualized environment and SGBDR) and keeping in mind this 1500Mo memory loss affect pretty much the responsiveness of their system, i am looking for a way to know better what's going wrong with these windows 7 32bits fujitsu natively installed devices.

Some techXpert told the DSDT "Differentiated System Description Table" had been done particularly ugly.

I 'd like to know the way to get the things back to what the specs suggest they were, i mean NO MEMORY wasting, no hidden shortcomings and stuff like that ...

overkilling_mem_reservation.PNG (58.55 KiB) Viewed 2918 times

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