E9900 Not powering up

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E9900 Not powering up

Postby hawk3y3100 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 15:56

I have a problem with my Esprimo E9900, pressing the start button at the front of the PC does nothing, no lights, no fans. If I press the small white button at the rear of the PC next to the fan, it will go through a power up sequence for about 10 seconds and then power down, if I then press the start button on the front of the PC, the computer will start and then boot into windows 7 as if nothing is wrong, I can then use the computer all day until I power down. The next morning I have to go through exactly the same procedure in order for it to work......

What is wrong with my PC, please help!! :cry:

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Re: E9900 Not powering up

Postby Wieoftdennnoch333 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:31

I think your CMOS-Battery is empty. Put in a new one.
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Re: E9900 Not powering up

Postby rknighton » Wed Apr 28, 2021 10:38


I am currently having the same issue with 6 devices all the same model Q9000 Mini-PC.

I have added a new CMOS battery but nothing is happening at all. Is there anything else it could be.

I have taken the device to bits and I cannot see anything obvious.

I am also aware that it could be a external power supply issue, that happened last time when they wouldn't power on. However, I have tried a different power supply - one that I know works, and still nothing. Kind of at a loss at the moment. :cry:

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