N520 does NOT connect to WLAN network

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N520 does NOT connect to WLAN network

Postby eagle » Sat Dec 10, 2005 18:01

Why is the N520 not connected to mine WLAN router?<P>I followed the next procedures:<BR>START -> SETTINGS -> CONNECTIONS -> NETWORK CARDS<P>NEWORK ADPATERS -> LOOX WLAN Wireless Adapter<BR>- IP address -> “Use server-assigned IP address”<P>WIRELESS<BR>PDA finds Network. Shows status “Connecting” but return to “Unavailable” and short after this “”Available”.<P>This for all different security settings. Even no security:<BR>- Authentication : “Open” en Data encryption: “Disabled”<P>The security setting I (finally)would like to use is:<BR>- Authentication : “WPA-PSK” en Data encryption: “TKIP” and of course the right Network key.<P>Note: During testing the router setting and N520 were the same.<P>Router is Belkin Pre-N. Different Desktops, laptop and handheld are/did already connect(ed) to this device.<P>What can I do, is there an new driver update or …. ?<P>Thanks for any support.<P>

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