Vibrating Alarm is a must!

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Vibrating Alarm is a must!

Postby xco_1998 » Sun Oct 16, 2005 9:57

I would buy a Loox PDA in a second if it had<BR>a Vibrating Alarm!!!<P>I know that nowadays people (me included)<BR>use their PDA for lots of different things <BR>but don't you also use your PDA for the main <BR>basic fonction which is to remind you of<BR>stuffs you have to do?!?<P>To me the Vibrating Alarm is the only MAJOR <BR>missing feature in the Loox 720... For <BR>example, it is so annoying to be in an <BR>important meeting and the stupid alarm <BR>starts ringing to remind me of something! <BR>Another example is when I am in my car <BR>listening to some music and I can not hear <BR>the reminder in my pocket! Useless!!!<P>It has to be selectable between "No Alarm",<BR>"Audio Alarm", "Flashing LED Alarm" and/or<BR>"Vibrating Alarm". Like all the devices<BR>which offer this feature... <P>I do not think it would be rocket science to <BR>add this feature in the next generation of <BR>Loox because it has been done before and it <BR>is still seen in a lot of devices like most <BR>of the phones nowadays and also some of the <BR>Palm devices (Tungsten, ...) and some Garmin <BR>devices and the old Sony Clie devices, <BR>etc, ... It would be VERY frustrating to <BR>have to do without it!<P>I just hope once again that this feature -<BR>Vibrating Alarm- will directly be INTEGRATED <BR>in the next generation of the Loox 720... <P>I would be happy to hear any feedback!<BR>


Re: Vibrating Alarm is a must!

Postby ngeiss » Mon Nov 28, 2005 15:41

Did you get any feedback from FSC, maybe to your address directly?<P>Because I absolutely agree to your requests.

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