Reinstalling WinME - File Copying Problems

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Reinstalling WinME - File Copying Problems

Postby mmmm » Thu Oct 18, 2001 12:42

Any thoughts on how to get a fully functional WinME reinstalled - having file copying problems.<BR>I've been having Win problems - esp the failure of the Hardware Information Database dialogue box to fully load when installing hardware - it seems some key files have got trashed at some point. So a WinME reinstall ? But half way through a reinstall from the Recovery disk there are dozens of 'Problem copying Windows files to your computer / cannot make new directory entry (Error 52) msgs. Virus software is disabled.


Re: Reinstalling WinME - File Copying Problems

Postby claus.arndt » Thu Oct 18, 2001 23:30

You can't just copy the files, specially not with me. You have to make a newinstallation after formatting the C-partition, so there can't be any antivirus program running.

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